BC Residents who are 10 years of age or older who wish to obtain a Resident Hunter Number are required to satisfy to CORE Program requirements.  Obtaining CORE certification and a BC Hunter's Number do not allow a hunter to borrow a firearm to go hunting alone.  A valid PAL is required to do that.


Full CORE courses are encouraged but CORE challenges for people already experienced with outdoors and gun handling are also available.  People under the age of 14 who wish to obtain a Resident Hunter Number Card MUST complete the CORE Course. 


The CORE Program consists of two parts.  The first is a written exam with 80 questions which consists of the following topics:



The second part is a practical gun handling test which consists of the following topics:


·Firearm Identification

·Ammunition Identification

·Safe Gun Handling Practises


This course uses both the CORE Manual, and the BC Hunting and Trapping Regulation Synopsis.  Students are encouraged to borrow or purchase a Student Manual either from a local book store or borrow one from the public library.  It is beneficial to become familiar with the content of the manual before the course begins.


The goal of the CORE Program is to ensure that prospective hunters meet acceptable standards of knowledge and skill for safe and ethical participation in hunting recreation.







PAL Non Restricted

PAL Restricted




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