Canadian Residents who are 18 years of age or older who wish to obtain a Restricted PAL are required to complete both CFSC (Canadian Firearms Safety Course) and CRFSC (Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course) program training.  Anyone who takes the course and does not pass both the written and practical must wait one day to retest.  All retesting must be done within seven days of the original attempt.

Full CRFSC courses are now mandatory. 

The CRFSC Program consists of two parts.  The first is a written exam covering the following topics:

·Introduction to Firearms
·Basic Firearm Safety
·Operating Handgun Actions
·Care of Restricted Firearms
·Social Responsibilities of the Firearms Owner / User
·Safe Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of
Restricted Firearms

The second part is a practical exam which covers the following topics:

·Ammunition Identification
·Firearm Identification
·Safe Gun Handling Practises

This course uses the CRFSC Manual.  Students are encouraged borrow or purchase a Student Manual before the course to become familiar with vocabulary and content covered in the course.

The goal of the CRFSC Program is to ensure that prospective gun handlers possess acceptable standards of knowledge and skill for safe and ethical gun handling.



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